Better outcomes through science

Developed by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Loren Martin Ph.D. Neuroscience, the Care Predictor Index is powered by serious science. The CPI scoring algorithms were informed by an extensive exploration of the existing published literature and formulated through data gathered from over 500 care providers.

The Therapeutic Alliance is a science-backed approach to client care.

Studies consistently affirm that the connection between a therapist and their client plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness and value of therapy, irrespective of the chosen theoretical framework.

A comprehensive 2018 report, encompassing 295 studies involving over 30,000 clients engaged in both in-person and online psychotherapy, consistently demonstrated a strong and enduring correlation between the therapeutic bond and the positive mental health outcomes experienced by patients

The Care Predictor assessments determine the strength of the Therapeutic Alliance in applicants and outlines a plan for strengthening it within current staff members.


The Therapeutic Alliance: How your client relationship impacts outcomes

Coupled with feedback we have obtained by hosting over 105,000+ care sessions, the CPI is a powerful tool to identify specific training objectives for an existing workforce.

CPI assessments quickly drive tangible impact

Care providers with a Care Predictor score within the top quartile are not only likely to form strong collaborative and therapeutic relationships with their clients, but they are also likely to form stronger working relationships with co-workers. These Care Predictor-approved providers are therefore better counselors, preferred teammates, and more engaged employees, creating a healthier work culture and increasing client and employee retention.

The science behind our assessments

Utilizing 234 data points on personality, attachment style, and self-efficacy collected from each care provider, the Care PredictorTM Index identifies specific variables predictive of the therapeutic alliance, incorporates these variables in various combinations to determine relevant personal attributes, and weighs these personal attributes to ultimately calculate an omnibus score predictive of a care provider’s ability to form a therapeutic alliance with a help seeker. This Care PredictorTM score can then be used by employers to make hiring decisions and to guide care provider training. 

Scientifically backed impact.

As our product line continues to grow and adapt to market demands, our core goal remains unchanged: to create groundbreaking, scientifically validated solutions that bring about tangible improvements in people’s mental well-being and overall quality of life.

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