Beyond the Breaking Point: A conversation around burnout in behavioral health

Join us for an insightful moderated discussion around burnout in the behavioral health workforce today. Discover the profound impact of increased workloads and post pandemic-related stressors on mental health providers and organizations. And hear about methods and technologies that can address burnout, foster a culture of resilience, and create supportive and productive environments for providers, patients, and organizations alike.
Date & Time
Feb 29, 2024 at 12pm PST
Webinar Length
45 minutes
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About Dylan Ross

Dr. Ross is head of clinical at Blueprint Health, a measurement-informed care and provider enablement technology company. As an organizational psychologist and independently licensed behavioral health clinician (LPCC, LMFT), Dr. Ross’ leadership experience spans clinical operations, quality improvement, health care system integration, behavioral health product design, end-user driven innovation, and measurement-informed care.

Dr. Ross previously served as vice president of clinical innovations at Rogers Behavioral Health, where he was responsible for leading digital strategy and innovation for the system. Prior to this, Dr. Ross served as national senior director of clinical strategy for Optum Behavioral Health where he led measurement-informed care strategy for the organization. In addition, he held positions with Kaiser Permanente in Colorado, The Permanente Medical Group in Northern California, and the Care Management Institute within Kaiser Permanente’s National Program Offices, where he worked to deepen behavioral health primary care integration, advance clinical innovation, and drive quality and outcomes improvement.

Dr. Ross currently serves as Chair of the American Psychological Association’s National Advisory Committee for Measurement-Based Care and the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry where he and the committee support the advancement, adoption, and use of standardized clinical measurement within the field of behavioral health.

Dylan Ross

About Neha Kumar

Neha Kumar, an LMFT, leads the clinical practices in Orange County with a blend of strategic vision and clinical expertise. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Southern California and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Neha’s experience spans various settings, offering her a deep understanding of different client needs. Her therapeutic approach includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, focusing on empowering clients to redefine their stories and achieve well-being.

Neha Kumar
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Healthcare leaders, administrators, direct care providers, and individuals interested in advancing clinical outcomes and enhancing the experience of delivering and receiving behavioral health services.

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