We’re on a mission to help behavioral health care providers make work more rewarding and improve outcomes

At Care Predictor, we believe that the behavioral healthcare workforce needs support, but companies are struggling to find solutions— and we’re passionate about helping leaders change that.

In 2022, we built the first version of our platform — Care Predictor Index, our proprietary assessment tool that automates finding successful employees, to let Behavioral Healthcare businesses easily determine the strength of an individual employee’s Therapeutic Alliance.

We knew our approach had the power to drive better client outcomes and help screen new hires for proven top performers, but we quickly realized that hiring successful candidates wouldn’t fix the entire problem. Training and feedback for current employees was also essential to drive total business improved performance and help therapists and operations employees develop better skills. 

This drove us to evolve our solution, informed by organizational psychology and experience partnering with organizations like Kipu, CalHope, CA Department of Healthcare Services, UCLA and others to help develop the practices that not only drive outcomes and performance, but help existing employees feel connected to their work, their company, their managers, and their colleagues — something we call Performance Enablement. 

We’ve integrated conversations and check-ins, feedback, recognition, and employee engagement surveys, all in the flow of work, to help innovative leaders cultivate a strong, collaborative culture where employees feel respected, trusted, and empowered to do their best work.

Our two solutions (Care Predictor Index + Performance Enablement) help healthcare organizations to not only positively impact employee hiring but drive business results through employee experience — because when work is better for people, companies thrive.

Join us as we transform Behavioral Healthcare management together.