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Talent Acquisition

Your company performs when your people do.

Our assessments offer precise insights into a candidate’s suitability for a behavioral healthcare position. Our scientific methodology pinpoints high-performing candidates who possess the skills to excel in the role, have the desire to fulfill the job responsibilities, and highlights their approach to accomplishing tasks.

Hire the right people, the first time

Think of the ripple effects one wrong hire has on your organization. Aside from wasting precious time and money on the hiring process, signing on someone you thought was a good culture fit (who turned out to be anything but) can impact team morale and drive away top talent.

People insights that predict candidate success.

Care Predictor assessments consolidate domain insights into a single unified score, providing the most accurate prediction for identifying top- performing candidates.

Two assessments that predict employee performance

Assessment results enable respondents to further explore and understand their own personalities by understanding their strengths and weaknesses around key personality traits surrounding the Therapeutic Alliance.

The Clinical assessment places more emphasis on the emotional and relational aspects of the client-therapist relationship. It encompasses the overall connection, trust, and
rapport between the client and therapist.

Used to assess:

Support Counselors

The Care Team assessment focuses on a individual’s Care Alliance to ensure that all stakeholders work together effectively to provide comprehensive and coordinated care that meets the patient’s physical, emotional, and social needs

Used to assess:

Case Managers
Care Navigators
Behavioral Health Techs
Discharge Coordinators
Admissions Departments

Better outcomes through science

When talent decisions are made based on data and scientific insights, you ensure the right people are hired and that they stay in the role after being hired.

Developed by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Loren Martin Ph.D. Neuroscience, the Care Predictor Index is powered by serious science.

Allocate your time to candidates with the greatest potential.

Streamline the resume review process by filtering out candidates lacking the essential qualifications for success in your role, and concentrate on those who do.

People Drive Performance

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