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The Care Predictor Index (CPI) is an assessment tool used to predict a care provider’s ability to form a strong Therapeutic Alliance with a help seeker.

We all know that most people struggling with a behavioral health issue never seek help — and when they do, most drop out of treatment. The big problem often comes down to a lack of connection between the client and the provider, known as the therapeutic alliance. That’s where we can help with our revolutionary Care PredictorTM Index.

Behavioral healthcare experts realize just how important the therapeutic alliance really is between clients and care providers — so important, in fact, that this component has seven times the impact on treatment outcomes than the specific treatment type. 

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Assessments for clinical and non-clinical staff

When talent decisions are made based on data and scientific insights, you ensure the right people are hired and that they stay in the role after being hired.

Research and clinical experience have shown that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client is essential because it provides a foundation of trust, support, and collaboration that enhances the effectiveness of therapy and contributes to positive treatment outcomes. It creates an environment where clients feel understood, respected, and empowered, facilitating their personal growth and well-being.

The CPI clinical assessment

The Clinical assessment places more emphasis on the emotional and relational aspects of the client-therapist relationship. It encompasses the overall connection, trust, and rapport between the client and therapist.

Based on the answers to a 234-item assessment, people are given an overall score that expresses the strength of their Therapeutic Alliance. 

The assessment results enable respondents to further explore and understand their own personalities by understanding their strengths and weaknesses around key personality traits.

The CPI care team assessment

The Care Team assessment focuses on a person’s Care Alliance to ensure that all stakeholders work together effectively to provide comprehensive and coordinated care that meets the patient’s physical, emotional, and social needs.

When your staff and new hires are screened and trained to have a strong care alliance, great things happen.

Using our tool, you can rest easy knowing you’re focusing on the right people and areas and not wasting time or resources on stuff that won’t improve your key metrics. That’s one valuable index.


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